With Christmas fast approaching, we asked respondents in our latest Omnibus survey, to what extent are they looking forward to Christmas. 3 in 10 people said they were really looking forward to it, while 1 in 10 saying they were not really looking forward to Christmas, Bah! Humbug!



When we asked what your favourite thing about Christmas is, a staggering 51% said spending time with their family.
58% of respondents said they prefer Christmas day, with 69% admitting they have enough patience to wait until Christmas Day to open their presents.



Milk (36%), cookies (31%) and mince pies (25%) were among the most popular items to leave out for Santa, however, 37% said they didn’t leave anything out for him!


 We asked respondents what their favourite Christmas song was, 38% stated that Fairytale of New York was their favourite.


‘The 12 pubs of Christmas’ is an ever growing trend here in Ireland, a play on the 12 days of Christmas, with a twist; 1 drink in 12 different pubs, consecutively! We asked respondents if they will take part in the 12 pubs this year. 85% responded no, highest among 55-64 year olds (99%), while 15 responded yes, highest among 18-24 year olds. No surprise there!