Today marks the first of a number of planned strikes by Dublin Bus drivers over the coming weeks. These strikes come just a few months after Luas drivers carried out numerous strikes earlier this year in a bid to secure better pay. According to our research conducted in April, 3 in 5 Irish adults (59%) believed that the Luas strikes would directly lead to more strikes in 2016.

As part of our September omnibus, we decided to quantify the level of support for the Dublin Bus drivers’ strike, and compared it to support for Luas drivers in April. Frustration is still evident in the views of the public this time around, with just 24% claiming to support the Dublin Bus drivers. However, support is higher than it was for Luas drivers, for whom just 17% of the public claimed to support.


When broken down by demographics, support for Dublin Bus drivers appears to be lowest amongst the over 55 age cohort, with over half (56%) claiming they do not support. regionally, support is highest in Dublin and lowest in Muster.


It will be interesting to observe whether or not support wanes should the Dublin Bus strikes become protracted, as did the Luas strikes earlier this year.