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1 in 4 house proud Irish adults reveal untidy visitors drive them crazy!

Ireland is a nation of house-proud enthusiasts, with 1 in 4 revealing that messy and untidy house guests make their blood boil.

The latest research commissioned by Allianz Insurance highlights that the nation takes pride of place in its homes – whether homeowners or living with parents, Irish adults love nothing more than relaxing and unwinding in their homes.

The national survey of 1,000 Irish adults, conducted by Coyne Research in September 2021, found that Baby Boomers (98%) and Generation X (97%) have the most satisfaction when it comes to their homes. Those who own a home are most likely to get satisfaction out of a neat and tidy living area and having the freedom to decorate it to their own taste and desires.

Home Comforts

According to Allianz’s research, home is truly where the heart is for the majority of the Irish public. Over half (56%) of all respondents revealed that their favourite aspect of being at home is spending time with family. For one-third of the nation, they enjoy escaping into their favourite hobby from the comfort of their home, while over a quarter of those polled highlighted that their home is filled with nostalgia and sentimental memories where they cherish spending their free time.

For just over half (52%) of the nation, the living room is deemed as the favourite room in the home, revealing that it is where Irish people spend most of their downtime. The relaxation of the bedroom appeals to a fifth of the nation, followed by the kitchen (16%) and garden (9%) respectively. However, Gen Zs treasure nothing more than escaping to their bedrooms, with a whopping 67% rating it as their favourite space at home. Similarly, for those living with their parents, over half (56%) enjoy retreating to their bedroom for some peace and quiet.

Pride of Place

With such an appreciation for our homes, the nation doesn’t tolerate many annoyances when it comes to their favourite space. Over a quarter of the nation (26%) can’t stand it when a guest doesn’t help with the clean up after a day of entertaining, while 16% begrudge those visitors who don’t take off their shoes inside. Not using a coaster while having a cuppa annoys 15% of Irish people, while traditional values are still upheld by 13% of the nation as they are bothered when a guest arrives empty-handed.

Not only do Irish adults get annoyed when they encounter uncooperative guests, but 2 in 5 also reveal that they often are envious of the home interiors and décor of friends and neighbours. Nearly half of all females polled revealed that they experience ‘home envy’ when visiting the homes of friends and family, with Gen Zs (53%) and Millennials (50%) also experiencing the same.

The Good Room

Entertaining at home remains to be a high priority for Irish adults, with 3 in 10 respondents claiming to have a ‘good room’ that is specifically used for special occasions. While this may have been seen as a traditional home must-have, surprisingly, 42% of Generation Z and 36% of Millennials have a good room in comparison with older generations!

Young Renters

While the appreciation for the home is respected across all ages, for Ireland’s younger generations rented accommodation and living with parents is unfortunately the norm for many. Almost half (42%) of all Millennials and 30% of Gen Zs live in rented accommodation while 57% of Gen Zs are still living with their parents. Longing to have a place for themselves, the research found that young renters unsurprisingly do not enjoy the same satisfaction levels or comfort in their homes in comparison with homeowners. Gen Zs don’t share the same appreciation as their older counterparts when it comes to a neat and orderly living area, while Millennials don’t appreciate the interiors and décor of their homes as much.

However, Irish Millennials are taking action when it comes to their distaste for their current interior designs, and the latest research has revealed that this cohort has spent more on home improvements and furnishings over the past year than any other demographic, with an estimated average of €2,657.

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