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Almost two-thirds, or 61 per cent, of adults in Ireland are unaware as to how they should make a complaint to authorities regarding unfit food or poor hygiene practices. The news comes as the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) launches a new awareness campaign, ‘See Something, Say Something’, stressing to consumers their right to safe food.

Launching today to mark World Food Safety Day, the campaign is supported by an online presence and includes videos encouraging consumers to make a complaint if they experience unfit food or poor hygiene practices when buying produce or eating out. Reporting a concern can be done on the FSAI website by completing a simple complaint form.

A study by Coyne Research for the FSAI shows disparities across generations when it comes to lodging complaints regarding unfit food or poor hygiene practices, with those aged 54 and over the group least likely to have ever done so. Meanwhile, when faced with a concern, millennials aged from 23 to 37 are least likely to know how to submit a complaint.


‘Safer food, better health’ is the theme of this year’s World Food Safety Day highlights the role that safe, nutritional food plays in ensuring good human health and well-being. Jointly facilitated by the WHO and the UN, the day focuses on collaboration with UN member states and other stakeholders to convey the message of food safety to communities worldwide.

Dr Pamela Byrne, chief executive, FSAI, said food safety is in everyone’s hands. “Consumers have a right to safe food, and to get all the health benefits from safe food. Three quarters of adults are confident with the standard of food safety in Ireland. Our new campaign empowers the public with the knowledge they need to file a complaint,” Dr Byrne added.

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