Love Island – An Irish Perspective

Here at Coyne Research, we asked 1,000 Irish adults a few questions about our favourite TV show, Love Island. Check out what the Irish think of the TV phenomenon!

Social Media Usage & Attitudes

Sunday Business Post/Coyne Research survey suggests a huge erosion of confidence in platforms such as Facebook in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

To begin, social media usage is virtually ubiquitous in this country today. From a proportion of a national representative sample of 1000 Irish adults,  we asked do they have at least one … Find out more

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Russia World Cup – Will Russia make a good host nation?

Exercise – Does weather affect exercise habits?

Be sure to read what the Irish people think by hitting the link be

Coyne Research Newsletter – May/June Edition


2018 FIFA World Cup Russia – Video

Looking forward to the World Cup kicking off this week?  We asked the Irish public a few questions about what they thought…

May Bank Holiday Weekend

With this weekend being the May Bank Holiday weekend, we asked a proportion of the Irish population which Bank Holiday was their favourite.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Christmas Day is the favourite bank holiday for 2 in 5, with St. Patricks Day, The June and August Bank Holidays each accounting for 11%.

But is there a desire amongst … Find out more

Hot spots this Summer

Summertime is quickly approaching – Where are Irish Holiday go-ers escaping to this Summer?

Facial Recognition technology – Will new technology bring us to a cashless society?

Good Friday alcohol ban lifted – Will the Irish people have a drink on Good Friday?

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Coyne Research … Find out more

Will robots take your job?

Thieve Machines – Will robots take your job?

‘Driverless’ or ‘Autonomous’ cars – Will cars drive themselves in the near future?

‘Tis the Season – or is it? – When is it too early to put up your decorations?

Be sure to read what the Irish people think by hitting the link below!

Coyne Research Newsletter – November 2017 … Find out more

Irish Politics, Social media and more

Out with the old, in with the new Taoiseach – How do the people think Leo will fair as the new Taoiseach of the country?

The Politics of Social Media – Has Social Media changed politics for the better?

Russia 2018 – Will the boys in green make it to Moscow?

Be sure to read what the Irish … Find out more

Game of Thrones – An Irish Perspective

In advance of the season 7 finale of Game of throne, the Coyne Research team asked the Irish public for their opinions of the show and the latest season.

The Politics of Social Media

Many have said that social media has completely revolutionised politics – and there is plenty of evidence to support these claims, from Donald Trump’s controversial Twitter feed to politician campaign videos on YouTube, to the plethora of flags superimposed on people’s Facebook profile picture. But all of this begs the question, is social media an appropriate platform for a politician to use?

… Find out more