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Out with the old, in with the new Taoiseach – How do the people think Leo will fair as the new Taoiseach of the country?

The Politics of Social Media – Has Social Media changed politics for the better?

Russia 2018 – Will the boys in green make it to Moscow?

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Game of Thrones – An Irish Perspective

In advance of the season 7 finale of Game of throne, the Coyne Research team asked the Irish public for their opinions of the show and the latest season.

The Politics of Social Media

Many have said that social media has completely revolutionised politics – and there is plenty of evidence to support these claims, from Donald Trump’s controversial Twitter feed to politician campaign videos on YouTube, to the plethora of flags superimposed on people’s Facebook profile picture. But all of this begs the question, is social media an appropriate platform for a politician to use?

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With Christmas fast approaching, we asked respondents in our latest Omnibus survey, to what extent are they looking forward to Christmas. 3 in 10 people said they were really looking forward to it, while 1 in 10 saying they were not really looking forward to Christmas, Bah! Humbug!



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Support for Dublin Bus Drivers

Today marks the first of a number of planned strikes by Dublin Bus drivers over the coming weeks. These strikes come just a few months after Luas drivers carried out numerous strikes earlier this year in a bid to secure better pay. According to our research conducted in April, 3 in 5 Irish adults (59%) believed that … Find out more

Evaluating Michael D.

With Ireland’s presidency due for election again in 2018, discussion has begun around whether current president Michael D. Higgins should be allowed to seek re-election for another seven year term. Certainly, the nation appears to be fond of Michael D. He makes no shortage of appearances on our behalf, and has a genuine enthusiasm for … Find out more

Support for Luas Drivers

The topic of strikes carried out by Luas drivers is one which has received plenty of coverage in the news in recent months. As part of our April omnibus, we decide to try and quantify how the general public felt about these strikes, and what level of support there was out there for the Luas … Find out more

Easter 1916 Commemorations

The evenings are beginning to become a bit brighter, as winter fades away people are now beginning to look ahead to some of the events which 2016 has to offer. The commemoration of the centenary of the Easter 1916 rising will undoubtedly be one of the most talked about programme of events during 2016. The … Find out more

Deck the Tills with Boughs of Money

In the third annual pre-Christmas consumer confidence survey, James MacCarthy-Morrogh tells us Irish people are spending again. Read the full story on the Sunday Business Post/Coyne Research report here.

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SBP 20151206
Methodology: Online Omnibus survey. Nationally representative online sample.
Sample: 1,000 Irish adults aged 18+.

Date: Fieldwork was conducted between the 18th and 30th of November 2015. This … Find out more

All Greek to Me – Irish Views on the Greek Debt Crisis

The Greek debt crisis rumbles on, exacerbated by continued negative growth and strikes in the public and private sectors. Meanwhile, Ireland’s economy is the fastest growing in the EU and there are almost daily job announcements. The days when Ireland and Greece were bundled together under the PIIGS moniker are just a hazy memory. So how do … Find out more