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Over half of parents say their physical health has gotten worse since having children, while more than four in five parents are spending less than 10pc of their time per week on hobbies and personal pastimes. New research has shown that parenthood takes a disproportionate toll on mothers, with 61pc of women finding it challenging to meet societal standards of good parenting compared to just over 40pc of fathers.

The Mammies and Daddies Report will be launched today, following a study of 1,000 mothers and fathers of children aged up to 12 by Coyne Research on behalf of retail giant Aldi. It aimed to better understand the economic, emotional and societal impact of being a parent, learning how many parents have felt the pinch financially and how many believe their health has been impacted since parenthood.

The research found that more than four in five parents are spending less than 10pc of their time each week on hobbies and personal past times, showing the impact their role has on their personal care. More than half of those surveyed said their physical health has declined since becoming a parent. Just 15pc of those surveyed said their physical health has improved, while 63pc of those who said their health had taken a hit since becoming a parent are women. Only 4pc of parents find it very easy to align with societal perceptions and pressures of being a good parent, the report found. Almost two thirds of parents have felt the financial ‘pinch’ of parenting and say their finances have been negatively impacted since becoming a parent.

Among the key themes covered in the report include how parents perceive their own value and worth, how they deem the family unit to value them, and how they feel society values their role more broadly.

The Mammies and Daddies report will be launched later today at the Museum of Literature in Ireland, featuring a panel of speakers including Aldi’s Mamia and Me podcast host Jen Hogan, brand ambassador Caz Mooney and journalist Jarlath Regan.

Parenting podcast Mamia and Me was first launched in 2021, with journalist Ms Hogan taking over hosting duties from actress and comedian Amy Huberman. Previous guests on the podcast include actor Barry Keoghan, Pippa O’Connor and Deirdre O’Kane, as well as Brian Dowling and Arthur Gourounlian.


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