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Unlike other agencies of a similar size, we have the capabilities to provide full service market research in-house. This includes an array of qualitative and quantitative techniques. We have our own in-house data scripting and analysis team which enhances our ability to respond to client quantitative service needs.


We develop bespoke and innovative research approaches for our clients – ensuring the research objectives are met and actionable recommendations are delivered in the most efficient manner.


We strive to understand our clients’ businesses and build lasting relationships with them. We see ourselves as their trusted research partners as opposed to a service provider.


We offer a flexible monthly omnibus to our clients which is fast and cost effective.
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We pride ourselves on delivering actionable research reports – insights and not just information. We are passionate about uncovering the motivation for consumer behaviour. We have perfected the skills over the years to drill for meaningful insights and we are not afraid to make strong recommendations.


We have a highly educated multi-disciplinary team led by experienced researchers with a strong understanding of both research techniques and a diverse range of markets.


Coyne Research adhere to best practice standards in all our data collection and analysis. We are proud to be affiliated with the following professional organisations:

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Qualitative Techniques
Well, to state the obvious – we do research! We can, and do, use all research techniques – ensuring we use the methodology that is most relevant to the objectives in the client brief. To be able to tailor research to each client we do ask for a comprehensive client brief – and we’re not afraid to challenge it. Collaboration is key from the start of every project. We never use black box solutions – each piece of research is bespoke and of course we keep up-to-date on emerging methodologies, although we don’t believe in using them for the sake of it – they have to add genuine value to a project.
Outlined below is an overview of the building blocks which we use when constructing qualitative studies. You will probably be familiar with a lot of these – but if not why not call Bernie, Lesley, or Alice and ask them for more information on 01-461 1040. We are especially proud of our work in the area of Participant Action Research – empowering the respondents to become researchers.
Our work in this area for Irish Life Pensions contributed to us winning a qualitative research excellence award from the Marketing Society in 2012 and we have employed variations of this technique across a number of projects since then. We also encourage participants to think about the research before they attend groups or interviews, this helps them engage and ensures that the time within a group or an interview is maximised towards the outputs.
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Quantitative Techniques


When it comes to Quantitative studies, we have our own “Flexibus” survey – an online omnibus survey with a nationally representative sample of 1000 adults aged 18+ years. For more details on this click here


We understand that an omnibus survey isn’t always the answer so we also have the capacity to run a number of other ad-hoc tracking surveys – in fact we’ve contacted over 100,000 people in the last 12 months using several different methodologies, and manage them all using our in-house data scripting and analysis department.


We are particularly famous for:

Advertising & Brand Equity Tracking

We run monthly, quarterly and bi annual continuous tracking surveys – designed to ensure that the results are actionable and that nothing will sit on a shelf gathering dust!


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Product Testing:

We were responsible for the largest product test ever conducted in Ireland with the Lidl – Brand Challenge (2013) / Approved by You (2014). We conducted a mix of in-home and central location testing across the Island of Ireland.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

We use a combination of CATI (telephone) and online surveys to canvas the views of customers.
A number of clients use the NPS score – likelihood to recommend the brand/product/ service as a key tracking score within customer satisfaction studies.
And of course, we are always happy to tailor a quantitative study to your needs!

At Coyne Research we offer our clients a range of quantitative research techniques.
Some of these services are highlighted below:



The Flexible Monthly Omnibus Solution That Delivers Results!

Coyne Research conducts an online Omnibus survey with a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults aged 18+ years. We call this our ‘Flexibus’ survey. The Flexibus is a fast, cost efficient way to conduct research and culminates in a full report with recommendations.

How it Works

1,000 online interviews are conducted with adults aged 18+ years. The sample is representative of the national population in Ireland. The online omnibus is costed based on the number of question units included by the client.

Will I Get Help With My Questionnaire Design?

yes – we will assist you at every stage of the research process, including questionnaire design. This is how our product differs from other omnibus providers. We maximise your investment from start to finish.

What Are The Typical Uses For The Coyne Flexibus?

The Flexibus is ideal for researching the following areas:

  • Incidence testing
  • Tracking studies
  • Evaluating product ideas
  • Evaluating purchase intent
  • Concept screening
  • Awareness and usage studies
  • Public opinion
  • Pack/ad testing

Flexibus Survey Monthly Schedule

Week 1: Questions Signed Off
Week 2/3: Fieldwork
Week 4: Report Delivery

Flexibus Question Types

Closed Questions

  • Yes / No Answers
  • Standard Scaled Answers
  • Incidence Questions
  • €375 per closed question unit

Open Ended Questions

  • Respondents Type Answers
  • Answers Are Categorised
  • €750 per open question unit

Want to Find Out More?

Contact Lesley Kelleher on 01 461 1040 or email: lesley.kelleher@coyneresearch.com or click here to see our brochures