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Summer Shopping and Summer Holidays

We asked our online panel of Irish adults about their ideal summer. Lots of people were looking forward to going on holidays (22%), and those who were staying at home were hoping for good weather (28%). So much for that. Mostly, though, we just want to have good times with family and friends (38%). They told us that the must-see event of the summer was the All-Ireland series, with Electric Picnic topping the list of festivals, so grab your county colours/tent (delete as appropriate)!

People’s shopping habits change during the summer too. You’ll still find them in grocery stores, and they’ll be looking for summer recipes, but they’d prefer to be outside eating then inside cooking.

When it’s raining outside, we can get nostalgic for the summers of our youth. It never rained, did it? The sun always shone and there was always room for another 99. But our research shows how holiday habits have changed over the years, from a time when all we wanted was a bucket and spade to the Millenials who have been racking up the air miles. So if you want your ad to spark childhood reverie, we’ll help you find the perfect pitch.

As for the Gaeltacht, just 2% of people said it was their favourite childhood activity. An bhfuil tú ag damhsa? Whatever you want to know about what Irish people love, what they miss, and what they can’t wait to try next, we’re here to help you find out.

Methodology: Online Omnibus survey. Nationally representative online sample.

Sample: 1,038 Irish adults aged 18+.

Date: Fieldwork was conducted between the 29th of June and the 6th of July 2015. This research was conducted independently by Coyne Research for PR purposes.

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